Différences entre le rapport Cyberdawn officiel et sa version confidentielle


Project Cyber Dawn Leak

Diff between Cyber Dawn public report ( http://www.securityvibes.com/docs/DOC1351 p64 ) and the private one ( http://thepiratebay.org/torrent/6446763/Fuck_FBI_FridayA_a__A__%28FFF%29 ). Mirror from Pastie

Focus on section 5.1


Public report

5.1 Creation of Social Networking Sites

The opportunity exists to establish two different social networking sites each dedicated to one side of the conflict.
The potential for using traditional cyber jihadist favorite tools such as vBulletin could serve as an intelligence collection mechanism for site participants. Each site would brandish propaganda sympathetic to each cause as a method to attract and identify those loyal to Qathafi‘s regime and the rebels.


Private report

5.1 Creation of Social Networking Sites

The opportunity exists to establish two different social networking sites each dedicated to one side of the conflict. The potential for using traditional cyber jihadist favorite tools such as vBulletin could serve as an intelligence collection mechanism for site participants. Each site would brandish propaganda sympathetic to each cause as a method to attract and identify those loyal to Qathafi’s regime and the rebels.

The below was translated from cyber jihadist materials on how to establish such a site:

5.1.1 Steps to create the news/agency – social networking sites

NOTE: Assuming much is already known of the current Libyan regime, it may be best served to establish one such news agency geared towards the rebels. It may be easier to establish and manage as opposed to establishing such an entity where much is already known.

1. The news agency/social networking site will specialize in showing events that are hot, important, and urgent in the areas sympathetic to each, like the daily military news and various affairs and issues that concerning each side.

2. The formation of a media coalition with all other media establishments on different fronts to coordinate amongst themselves and provide the news agency with the most important news of the as far as operations. All the news would be checked and evaluated to some extent and would be subject to a determination of what is valid or not valid to broadcast or distribute in order to protect the secrets and the strategies of each side. Recruits from the rebels will play a major role in the approval and validation process.

3. The news would be controlled by means of coordination with military officials and media officials in all the fronts so that the agency can have the first media and press permissions for their news to protect it from confusion and counterfeiting and falsification by other international media agencies while at the same time serving as a basis for intelligence collection and cyber counterintelligence operations. This also will not cancel communications with the international media organizations and channels but it will make a time gap for transmitting the news in the interests of the news agency before others.

4. Finding correspondents for each news agency, who will work within the site media requirements and who will be charged with providing the news agency with news in coordination with the in country media establishments to broadcast and transmit and distribute trusted news and information. Each of these contributors for the news agencies would be considered a correspondent in that group.

5. Find a wide network of field correspondents for the news agency – social networking sites to surround and control the news, and this is also in coordination with the field commanders and the media establishment belonging to each organization and group and movement in order to evaluate the news and information and subject it to a determination of its validity or nonvalidity for broadcast and distribution and transmission while protecting the secrecy of the work of the corresponding groups.

6. The complete independence of the work method creating a new model for media in order to help with the development of new and innovative media materials with a view to their roles as a media establishment belonging to each group. They will serve their goals without any damage to them in any form. Professional media independence preserving the interests of the existing regime and the rebels.

7. The news agency will be granted a wide journalistic working space with news and information with regards to the group journalistic trade separate from belonging to any media establishment. It will have its own media existence and it will stand on its own. This does not mean by any means a complete lack of cooperation with the other media establishments, but rather working within them, and the independence of its various media and field capabilities in the service of this new project without getting in the way of the work of the media establishments which would conflict with the interests of other organizations. NOTE: This may bring to the top rebel intent and leadership traits and political/religious alignments.

8. There is no way to control urgent news except in the case when the field correspondents are in the area of the event with the rebels in every district and province and village and city and state and intersection, and the global media front. In that way, we can be in complete control of events with an iron grip and we can force all the news agencies and media to heed us whether they want to or not.
We will support our news with pictures and videos and other matters, which are evidence of the information and confirm the reliability of the media sources.

9. Create a professional electronic site just for the agency especially to post, distribute, broadcast the news and the rebel information in the most precise manner, and secure technological means. It will depend on the hard base of the media coalition between all the rebel fronts within Libya, and its media establishments in addition to its field correspondents who are working within the rebel media establishment teams.

10. The agency‘s electronic site will be especially for reading and reviewing diverse news items only and will not be a forum where people can gain membership like the (existing jihadist) forums.

11. Offer different sorts of media and journalistic materials to the agency, like photographs and sound recordings from its correspondents and its photographers, as well as written information materials. These will help distribute the news and information supported by pictures, video and numbers, which will aid in delivering the rebel news to world news agencies and channels more quickly. The news will also be more reliable, because it is supported by pictures and video, and it won’span>t be possible to deny it or diminish it.

12. The presence of a news agency of this sort benefits the rebel media in many different ways most importantly through dealing with the rumors and lies spread by existing regime during an attack, or an attempt to close the rebel forum, or in the event that the enemy gains control of the. This will also undermine the conspiracies aimed at the supporters of the rebellion. NOTE: Attacks against the site could be tracked/traced serving as a method of further intelligence gathering.

13. The news agency will show video clips or sound clips or clips.

14. The announcements and the written publications of different sorts will be advertised in a different manner than video and audio productions. Part of the written news will cover these publications or announcements with important excerpts from their contents. This will be part of the news, in order to generate suspense among those who are interested before the publication or announcement is completely and officially distributed in the forums by the media establishments who promised them.

15. Present weekly or monthly media videos like a rebel report from the agency about rebel activities around the country.

16. Creating outstanding slogans and titles for the rebel news agency that grab the interest of international news agencies and take rebel media to a new level of pioneering in media and journalism, striving to awaken the world public opinion.

17. Present all the media and journalistic services on the agency website in both Arabic and English. It is also not bad to present other languages like Italian, French, etc.

18. Offer special advertising issues from the news agency from all the audio, visual and writtenpublications by the media establishments in order to advertise them widely and more completely.This will attract the largest possible number of reads and followers to the agency website and willdirect the people towards the forums and websites where they can receive complete copies of any publication. This achieves two important goals.

19. The forums can receive all the materials produced and edited by the news agency, but with a time delay. This will give the news agency priority in displaying its various media materials on its own website where its followers can view, read, and peruse all the audio, visual, and written materials and advertisements of the agency.

20. The forums are the single are the single source for obtaining all the materials produced by the rebel news agency. This is done by creating a special forum for the news agency in the forums to distribute materials belonging to the agency whether they are audio or visual or written like news and other materials, because it is not possible to download the agency‘s publications from its website, even the advertisements.

21. The news agency will not be permitted to broadcast various audio and visual publications produced by the media establishments on the agency’s electronic website. Its media role in this area will be limited to advertising and nothing else (The Unjust Media, 2010).